Menu explained

Ik heb een taal-plugin geinstalleerd. Ik weet nog niet hoe het werkt

Family tree

The trees tab gives acces to a blog I have installed. Try to see if it works. It needs to be properly tuned.

You also find the family trees. The interactive tree is handy. Choose for the de Lathouder Main (merged all) tree. All trees are merged into this one. The tree is still being modified and updated. We have found three branches with descendants for de Londerzeel/ Malderen roots from 1600 apart from mine.

You can find recent info about Koster Rumoldus de Lathouwer from Ruisbroek and his family in Londerzee, Malderen and Buggenhout in the article about Rumoldus: “koster Rumoldus de Lathouwer , familie en voorouders“.

Family can ask for login details if you are interested in your own tree or you want to contribute to existing work.  I can also make a GEDCOM at special request.  Be careful with copying details without source.


Here are my contact details and the time difference between Australia and the Netherlands in case you want to call.


Hier are some installations of apps that look interesting.

  1.  Oude familie fotos
    1. Old family photo  books scanned….
  2. Question2 Answer
    1. I have installed a program calles Questions2Answer. Try if you like….
  3. An article about how your electricity is calculated if you have solar pannels installed (3 fases).


I installed BuddyPress into WordPress. It looks handy but not sure how it works… needs playtime.


If you want to see any more installations please check  “Softaculous”. It has about 400 programs that can be installed for all sorts of purposes.